We are pleased to share with you that effective Monday morning, October 21st, 2019 One Source Management will be assuming all functions previously performed by our prior office and maintenance staff. As most of you may know, as required by the contract with One Source Management, we were required to terminate our prior staff. This action was initiated on Friday, October 18th.

For those of you that have expressed concern about whether there would be a service interruption (garbage pick-up, landscaping waste, work orders), rest assured, the same schedule that you were accustomed to will remain unchanged.  Our park offices will be open for business as usual and staffed with employees from our One Source team. We encourage you to stop by and introduce yourself at your convenience.

As is normal, there will be a period of transition as the processes supporting much of our operations will be revised, refined, replaced, eliminated or relocated. Our goal is to be fully functional by the time most of our shareholders will be returning to Paradise Bay. Clearly, this is an important change for our park and while there are differing positions among our shareholders on this issue, we are hopeful that harmony within the park improves.

Work to update our website with new contact information has begun, along with notification to shareholders that have signed up to participate in the Paradise Bay News releases.

I encourage you to contact myself or any board member you wish if you have questions.  It is often better to have a conversation with a board member for information than to rely on an email or grape-vine conversation.

Best Regards,

Leslie Harris

Board President