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❗️Dear Paradise Bay Shareholders:
Updated October 21, 2020




The best way to prevent is to avoid being exposed to the virus, and avoid exposing others. 


I am making a plea to all residents in Paradise Bay , Sara Bay and those on the way here to understand that the likelihood that this will be  transplanted to our park is already here.  We have two cases who traveled here they have Covid-19 they have quarantined themselves. We cant let this spread throughout our community.   


We will not have any indoor activities, Helm House, Library, all Rec Halls will be closed for 14 days.  The  office will be appointment based and you must wear a mask.  Pool use should only be open to our residents for 14 days.  


I know Florida has opened up.  But our responsibilities are to our Residents.  Please help stop the spread.  Please follow the CDC guidelines.

      1. Cover your mouth when around others and out in public.

      2.  Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth

      3.  Cover coughs and sneezes

      4.  Clean and disinfect surfaces.

      5.  If you do not feel well stay home

      6.  Take your temperature.

      7.  If you have symptoms please get tested.

      8.  Even if you don’t have symptoms you can get tested

      9.  Social distance 


Please think about these and do not expose others.



The above rules will be revisited each month.  New rules will be established for 2021.


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